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Breast cancer occurs in men, but in the structure of morbidity in the stronger sex it takes no more than one percent. Also, this type of pathology is the second, after lung cancer among all cancers in the general population. The last 40-50 years, the incidence of breast rose sharply, it is associated with the fact that the lifestyles of modern women has changed significantly, ie decrease in the number of children in the family and shorten the duration of breastfeeding - Buy Arimidex no prescription

M = Metastasis = metastases. Thus the term designated child tumors that appear in other organs, including the far-spaced. The spread of abnormal cells can occur in different ways, most of which is transported through the bloodstream or lymph.

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Causes of Breast Cancer The exact cause of breast cancer is still not possible. However, with advances in modern medicine were able to establish certain risk factors that contribute to a more or less likely to provoke the development and progression of malignant process in the body.

    Major risk factors
  • Women's lack of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Late first birth (after 31 years);
  • Smoking, especially if the habit is beginning at a young age;
  • Alcohol abuse (regardless of the percentage of alcohol);
  • Early menarche (menarche), which appeared under the age of 12 years;
  • Late menopause (after fifty-five years);
  • The presence of breast cancer in close relatives (mothers, grandmothers, sisters);
  • Cancers of female genital mutilation, including-treated;
  • Trauma of the breast;
  • Such common diseases as diabetes, hypertension, obesity;
  • Use of hormonal agents for more than 10 years, including oral contraceptives.

Classification of breast cancer TNM - Classification of Breast Cancer T = Tumor = tumor. This parameter describes the size of the tumor process in centimeters. Also here include the characteristics of the skin surrounding the pathological focus. N = Nodulus = lymph node. This small immune education is a barrier to the spread of tumor beyond the affected organ. With the progression of the process of abnormal cells begin to colonize and lymph nodes, which in this case change (become thick, welded to each other) and the increase in size (measured in centimeters).

Classification by histological structure, that is, by the nature of the cells forming the tumor:
benign; malignant (they differ aggressive rapid uncontrolled growth); Paget's disease (cancer of the nipple of the breast). Classification by grade. All tumor structure something similar to embryonic. They can only consume nutrients and share, but perform the functions of a full-fledged mature cells they can not. The "older" components neoplasms, the more favorable outcome waiting for the patient - buy arimidex UK ! Poorly differentiated cells leads to rapid depletion, growth and metastasis. The difference or similarity between the structures of the tumor and healthy tissue is called atypia. In this parameter are three grade breast cancer.

The first degree of malignancy (3 to 5 points) - highly differentiated cancer. Tumor cells are similar to the most healthy. The second degree of malignancy (6 to 7 points) - moderately differentiated cancer. Saved only a few signs of similarity.
The third degree of malignancy (8 to 9 points) - poorly differentiated cancer. Such cells have lost all the properties and appearance of normal progenitor. The most unfavorable prognostic power.

Classification of breast cancer in appearance and anatomical structure:
nodes (unitsentricheskaya) form - an outbreak of malignant growth in the breast; multicentric (the presence of two or more nodes in the body); diffuse (diffuse lesion of the breast) Can take place according to the type faces (rozhepodobnaya form), mastitis (mastitopodobnaya form) or remind shell (A tank form).

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Breast Cancer Symptoms
If you suspect a cancer of the stomach and liver in appearance is not possible, then the cancer pathology, especially malignant breast can see and feel every woman. It does not require any special tools, it is enough to have a large mirror and fingers.

    The main symptoms of breast cancer include:
  • Often painless and quite dense formation in the thickness of the breast tissue. It may be either single or plural;
  • Changes the shape and form of the body;
  • The skin over the affected areas can be retracted or wrinkled, reminiscent of orange or lemon rind - buy Arimidex ;
  • There is a feeling of discomfort or pain in one breast. However, this feature is fickle;
  • Change in nipple (retraction, thickening, swelling);
  • Nipple discharge, mostly bloody nature;
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the affected side (especially important in relation to diagnostic pockets under the arm or collarbone).