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There can be several. It could be some infections have long flow property in a latent form - order Clomiphene ! Sometimes the problem lies in the proper development of the sexual organs. In most cases, you need to get tested and get tested for ovulation. Spouse also need to find out the degree of sperm motility.

Clomid absolutely necessary because the main task of parents before pregnancy - less sick and maximize healthier. Vitamin D is more important in the period of pregnancy, it is needed in the development of the skeleton and teeth development. It is because of the lack of this vitamin in many dental problems begin. Much of this vitamin in seafood, milk and butter.

Well, vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant, it improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Lack of this vitamin in early pregnancy can be a serious problem and lead to miscarriage. The sources of this vitamin are unrefined oils (sunflower, soybean, cotton, etc.).
By the way, his wife in the planning period, too, need to undergo fortification

But keep in mind that if you prefer to take vitamin tablets you need to carefully monitor the dosage. The excess of some vitamins are not less harmful than the lack of them. So if you think, what to drink pills to get pregnant - for a start stop for ordinary multivitamins and folic acid. If vitamins still does not work, it is best to consult a doctor !

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If you have passed all the tests and pathologies in problems you have not identified, in such cases, prescribed drugs, compensates for the deficiency of hormones.
Asked what pills to take to get pregnant the doctors most standard answer - progesterone derivatives. Progesterone - one of the female sex hormones, it relates to a class of steroid compounds. He even informally called "pregnancy hormone.! Such drugs are either natural origin (made from the leaves of certain plants of the family Dioscorea), or completely artificially synthesized.

"I lived 10 years with a diagnosis of infertility. I was the removal of the left tube, the presence of hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and a polyp in which all doctors shouted that pregnancy is impossible. However, any problems can be solved! It is a pity that did not understand it before. In November, in spite of everything a miracle occurred. I'm incredibly happy! " - Buy clomid online - no prescription !
Eva, 34.